Yoga Nidra and Fertility


You may notice that I use the words “we” and “I” when I speak of the fertility, this because I am on a fertility journey and have been since 2015. It is close to my heart and always will be. I use the word “fertility” because it is a beautiful word that carries no shame. I consciously use the word “journey” because I have been places I never thought I would be gone emotionally, mentally and physically. I have met fierce, warrior women that I would never have met if I wasn’t on this path. And for that I am grateful.


In Canada, 1 in 6 couples experience struggles in conceiving. In 30% of cases the cause is male factors, 40% the cause is female factors, 20% cause is a mix of male and female factors and 10% there is no explanation.


Many women and couples suffer in silence. The silence can create feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression. Studies show that depression levels in couples with (in)fertility are comparable to those diagnosed with cancer, cardiac rehabilitation and hypertension patients. Silence and shame have a strong hold on the fertility journey however strength, courage and faith are strongly intertwined.


The fertility journey tends to become all-consuming. Every facet of our lives are affect: taking time away from work for appointments, missing social engagements for fear of being asked questions, adjusting our lifestyles and diet and worry of the financial costs.


The fertility journey affects our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing whether it’s been six months or six years. The loss of trust and control of our bodies. The rollercoaster of emotions: anger, anxiety, frustration, grief, depression and hope. The decisions of what treatments or alternative options to pursue. The opinions and well-intended suggestions of our family and friends. These all weigh heavy on our heart. We loose a sense of who we were. We loose connection with our bodies. We loose connection with our intuition. We tend to loose all control.


I have found that Yoga Nidra helps to guide me back to my body and mind, back to my heart. It helps to provide a break from tensions, overthinking, others opinions and pure exhaustion of the fertility journey. A time to reconnect, recenter and let go.


Yoga Nidra is a state of deep physical and mental relaxation with a strong element of awareness. It is a state of conscious deep sleep, the space between awake and sleep. Yoga Nidra can allow us to rest more effectively, relaxes the mind and counteracts stress.


The fertility journey can engage the sympathetic nervous system which is the body’s fight or flight response. When we practice Yoga Nidra we begin to engage our parasympathetic nervous system, which slows our heart rate and brings us to rest and relax. Yoga Nidra is an empowering practice that allows us to connect with our body and mind.


Yoga Nidra is not a substitute for medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional.



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